The multimono is our new big project with you!

Why this boat ?

Because is corresponding to our philosophy and what we want share with people.


  • self-building  share a beautiful experience
  • meet new people developing cooperation
  • based on the participation of all talents, teamwork, support and sharing knowledge
  • .Digital cutting technique, it is reassuring and ensures perfect assembly..


  • the first duty of the environment-conscious sailor is to transmit their passion
  • A small versatile boat that is fun to sail with crews of all ages.
  • Sensitize the younger ones with our program “for school” we will use the boat to discover the environment, the mathematics, the sciences …..
  • Fun, simple, tolerant, towable and affordable for teaching, from beginners to champions, eco-tourism product.
  • A versatile boat (sailing/rowing/motoring) that can be used more often,
  • Development of co-ownership and the concept of a shared boat.

The Multimono was designed by Claude Martinuzzi. Mr Pascal Conq, architect of Michel Desjoyaux’s boat PRB in 2000 (Groupe Finot/Conq), is its technical sponsor.


  • Length: 7.50m
  • Beam: 2.29m – 4.3m with the wings
  • Draft: 0.3m – 1.70m (lifting centreboard and rudder)
  • Unloaded weight: 700kg
  • Automatic filling and emptying liquid ballast (4 x 100L)
  • 1 to 6 rowers
  • Camping from 2 to 6 persons
  • Outboard motor until 30cv
  • Spacious cockpit , comfortable, reassuring
  • 11 lockers + 4 ballasts
  • Self-righting when ballasted, self-bailing (at sea and moored)
  • Unsinkable: double bottom hull + foam
  • Can be towed on a trailer, and launched without wetting the axle

Sailing category: C – D CE Standards 11 to 13 people

Rigging and sail plan:


  • Mainsail 25m², 3 reefs
  • Jib 7.5m² with 1 reef
  • 5.6m² staysail
  • Asymmetric spinnaker : 30m²
Gennaker: 16m²
  • «Houari Moderne» rigging for elegance and easy masting by only 1 person
  • Retractable Bowsprit
  • High and light boom
  • Waterproof mast + 40L of foam

The Multimono is an environmentally friendly build designed for responsible consumers and involvement in the ECONAV network.
Environmentally friendly build, design and approach:

There are currently 35 successful builds around the world.

The construction part is around 450H work it will be done while the winter so we will keep worm social contact during the long cold winter.

How to support us :

  1. from 200dk to 500dk– You will have you name on the boat
  2. from 501 dk to 2000dk– You will have your name on the boat and free tour on the boat
  3. from 2001dk to 5000dk– You will have your name on the boat and klippe kort access to the boat

If you want help us with more than 5000dk you will have your name on the sail

If you don’t have money to help you can give your time. 1h work to help to build the boat = 1h hour to sail with the boat

Where we are…

Total Budget: 208000 dkk


Boat Project

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