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Jump in the water regardless your age and discover longe coast!!

Our fantastic watersport activity!

Walking is good for your health but when you do it in the water, it’s even better. Longe coast is an excellent watersport activity for your heart, back as well as your balance. While doing longe coast you will be wearing a wet suit which gives you the ability to move faster and thereby burn more calories. This is due to the water resistance that is five times stronger than on the ground which makes the muscles work more intensely.

Sign up for LONGE COAST and get a more healthier lifestyle while having fun in the water.   90DK



You have to book in advance via sms 28447499, email or facebook. Cancellation 24 hours before and we will return your money / klip. Cancellation within 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time, we will propose you another day.  If your cancellation is definitive we will keep the 500dk. It will be possible to have your things and clothes stored in a locked truck while we are out on the water. Bring a towel, swimwear, water, snack, warm clothes and your smile. Maybe also a woolen hat if you are having a break, maybe the Danish summer is not with us.



As any other outdoor activities, we are not in control of the weather.  Therefor we can be forced to change location, sport activity and in worst case cancel and reschedule.


  • Paddel
  • Wetsuit
  • Your belongings stored in a locked container in land.