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We arrange beginner kitesurf courses around Copenhagen from Sydvestpynten, Lynæs, Nivå, Dragør and some other locations in Sjælland for everybody from the age of 8. 

Kitesurfing is an accessible sport, allows you to have a great sensation on the water while being in close contact with the nature.

The autonomy in kitesurfing is not limited to ride, it is also necessary to know how to choose a good spot according to the conditions, set-up, launch and land your kite properly and to know how to behave to avoid problems.

It’s a fun process to master kitesurfing. it requires patience, time, determination and practice and big smile on your face while doing so. 

To achieve autonomy you’ll need get some experience in different weather conditions. Your playground is the sea, with ever changing wind, water conditions (deep or shallow water).

After the beginner kite surf courses you can jump on the klipkort system to gain more confidence and improve your skills. 


Kitesurfing Individual course

Private kitesurf lessons is the most efficient way to fast-track your progress. 

1 instructor for 1 student only. The entire kitesurfing course is 10 hours, divided to 3-4 sessions according to the current wind condition and availably. 

You’ll receive instant feedback while being on the water. 

The more you practice, get the bar in your hands the fastest you develop the sensation and gain confidence in kitesurfing. 

This private course will give you a lot of time to practice the safety process; landing, launching your kite. 

Here it’s you who’s is in focus and we progress based on your personal needs and learning-curve. 

Optimised courses

Kitesurfing Optimized course
Kitesurfing Optimized Course

Our ‘Optimise’ package is the best compromise between time, price and practice. 

1 instructor for 2 students only. The entire kitesurfing course is 10 hours, divided to 3-4 sessions according to the current wind condition. 

You also have the opportunity to take this package alone. 

All equipment is provided with the possibility to arrange transportation to the spot. 

The goal of this beginner kitesurf course it to enable you to do water-start, and get your first ride while having control. 






Kitesurfing Free training

Refresh course is for you if you already tried kitesurfing before. You already tried kitesurfing, maybe your water-start is not quite there yet or don’t feel confident with the safety system. 

1 instructor, max. 2 person, one 2 hours session.  

The refresh kitesurf course is tailored to your level. The end goal is to get you on your first ride safely, to make sure that you’re able to practice on your own.

If you use our klipkort system for kitesurfing, you’ll need to participate in 1 refresh session before going on the water alone. 




Book as a group

Collective project

The Collective project work the best for a group of 3-4 friends. It is important that you can adjust to each-other’s schedule and have a collective goal of learning how to kitesurf together.

1 instructor, 3-4 people, 15 hours in total divided to 5-6 sessions. The amount of sessions depend on the weather conditions and your availability. 

The goal of this course is to get you on board, enjoy the water and create a memorable experience together. 

Beskrivelse af kurser

Begynderkurser består af 3 moduler.

Step 1
  • Theoretical presentation about kitesurfing 
  • Practicing the safety process on land
  • Understand how to manoeuvre your kite with short-line bar control system
  • Try body-dragging to feel the power of the kite  
Step 2 
  • You’ll set-up your kite alone 
  • Evaluate the current wind and water condition on the spot
  • Take all the necessary equipment and control it by yourself
  • We’ll discover the power of the kite on a 20-25m line 
  • Practice body-dragging with power, find your balance with the kite and the board to get ready for the water-start
  • Testing auto-rescue on water
Step 3
  • Set-up your kite alone 
  • Launch and land your kite with assistance
  • Be on control with the kite to do your water-start
  • Learn how to control your speed and stop properly


You also have the opportunity to rent kitesurfing gear from us. The package includes full equipment including wetsuit. 

There’s also a possibility to rent a specific part of the gear (only board etc.). Drop us a message to arrange the rental. 

For the cheapest way to rent gear, look at our klipkort system. 

Spot location

  • Sydvestpyntun
  • Amager strand park
  • Dragør
  • Lynæs
  • Nivå


  • Våddragt
  • Drage
  • Board
  • Sikkerhedsudstyr

Ikke inkluderet

  • Kørsel, men kan arrangeres
  • Solcreme

Man skal booke i forvejen via sms tlf 28 44 74 99, email eller på vores facebookside. For at reservere en plads på bookinglisten må man overføre 500kr i depositum. Dette beløb vil blive trukket fra den samlede pris for kurset som betales på stranden før begyndelsen af kurset. Desværre accepterer vi kun mobile Pay eller bank til bank overførelser, vi beklager ulejligheden.
Vi kontakter dig telefonisk og bekræfter reservationen. Pga. af skiftende vejrforhold kontakter vi dig igen kun 24 timer før kursets begyndelse med information om hvilken strand kurset vil finde sted.

Aflysning mere end 24 timer før start af kurset vil give en fuld refundering af depositum eller aftale om alternativ dato for afholdelse af kursus.

Aflysning mindre end 24 timer før start af kurset vil betyde et tab af depositum eller aftale om alternativ dato for afholdelse af kursus.


Ligesom enhver anden udendørs aktivitet er vi ikke herre over vejret. Derfor kan vi blive nødsaget til at ændre lokation, vandaktivitet og i værste tilfælde finde en ny dato.